Raiders Odyssey

Raiders Odyssey is a collection of 222 NFTs that unlocks an exciting arcade game which immerses players in a pixelated world filled with monsters, challenges, and treasures.

Players take on the role of a fierce raider on a mission to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding hordes of monsters. The retro graphics and dynamic gameplay make the game addictive and keep players coming back for more.

As players complete each level, they face increasingly difficult obstacles and enemies. Along the way, they can collect coins. The more coins, the more chances to win.

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Marketing Partner

Marketing cooperation with the agency Cyber Flow has been a crucial aspect of the development of our project. The agency's expertise in digital marketing and branding has helped us reach a wider audience, establish our brand in the digital space and define the strategy.

Cyber Flow’s technical expertise in blockchain technology and smart contracts has helped us create a seamless user experience for Raiders Odyssey collectors.

More information on the website.

Meet The Crew

Howard Wilson


Katy Adams




Stay Pablos

Collab manager


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